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The Nero

The Nero is an 8-foot, slate bed pool table with polished marble rails and onyx sights which illuminate using Superbright LED's. The onyx band in the rails also lights using LED under-counter lighting. The slate is a conventional 3-pc slate from Brazil, itself weighing 410-pounds. The pockets are standard #6-Iron, black leather with black tassels. The rails are polished "China Black Marble" with "Sunburst Onyx" sights and inlaid staggered band. Both stones are a finite resource which makes them unique medium to work with. The quarry which produced the onyx is already depleted.

This eight foot, leather-pocket table weighs less than 700- pounds with slate. The marble however, appears megalithic. It is impervious to all but a hammer! It will not fade, warp or decay. The stone is polished to 8,500 grit/ and should never need refinishing.

- No varnish or plastic coating is ever used.

Included also is a matching marble 9-Ball rack, marble cue stand, a set of premium Aramith Billiard Balls, and a pair of black Cuetec cue sticks to get you started.

In 1998 Anthony Arculeo, a Fourth-generation marble craftsman, was awarded a US patent (#5720666) for his marble pool tables

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